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Congratulations: Our winners have been announced!

Sportsnet's Predict the Playoffs contest has wrapped up, and after what was a Stanley Cup Playoffs like no other in history, we are excited to announce the winners. We originally planned to award a $50,000 Grand Prize and $1,000 every game day, but we were so impressed with your enthusiasm to participate that we also added a special SURPRISE $5000 prize, which was awarded to the player who had the most entries in the Grand Prize draw throughout the Playoffs. Thank you to all who participated; The names of the winners are below. Please note: Some of the prizes have not been claimed yet and that we will have to re-draw if they are not claimed by 11/06/2020.


Grand Prize Winner:

Geff Grant


Surprise Prize:

Awarded to the player who had the most enteries

Sileon Chong


Game Day Winners:

August 11Ethan Power (Potential Winner**)
August 12Daniel Marak
August 13Cameron Morin
August 14Tammy Traini
August 15Brad Hancock (Potential Winner**)
August 16Justin Martens (Potential Winner**)
August 17Shawn Proulx (Potential Winner**)
August 18Tyler Stordahl
August 19Jason Bamford
August 20Matt Perrella
August 21Larry Seaward
August 22Brad Ball (Potential Winner**)
August 23John Fillion (Potential Winner**)
August 24Nick Arnone (Potential Winner**)
August 25Shay Hutchinson
August 26Dave Cannon
August 29Lisa Traini
August 30Warren Wood
August 31Yanling Zeng
September 1Andy Goheen (Potential Winner**)
September 2Mark MacCrimmon (Potential Winner**)
September 3Shawn Folz
September 4Loraie Johl (Potential Winner**)
September 5Madeline Boyle
September 6Mike Stauffer (Potential Winner**)
September 7Ashley Plante (Potential Winner**)
September 8Robert LeBlanc (Potential Winner**)
September 9Marissa Manning
September 10Denise Davies
September 11Gord Rolfe
September 12Daniel Scinocco
September 13Andrea Podkowka
September 14Gordon MacDonald
September 15Timothy Hampton
September 17Clarence Mameanskum (Potential Winner**)
September 19Roger Marsden (Potential Winner**)
September 21Tista Coburn (Potential Winner**)
September 23Dave Shelton (Potential Winner**)
September 25Margo Beitel (Potential Winner**)
September 26Kelly Beckta
September 28John Reinhart

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